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Family: Missing lady did not travel away

January 21, 2014 Amarillo No Comments

SAN ANTONIO — The family of a lady who went blank from Garden Ridge on Friday is austere she did not disappear voluntarily, notwithstanding what a community’s military arch suggested this weekend.

Friends and family have not listened from Leanne Hecht Bearden, 33, given she told her husband, Josh Bearden, that she was going for a walk.

“What we’re all meditative is that she usually went on a travel to transparent her head, to consider about things, though it does seem out of sense for her to run off given she usually doesn’t wish to defect anybody,” Rebekah Sculley, a blank woman’s sister-in-law, pronounced Monday. “She’s usually a family pleaser. She wouldn’t wish to means anybody trouble.”

Sculley pronounced her hermit and sister-in-law lived in Colorado before holding a two-year outing around a world. The span recently returned and have been staying in Garden Ridge given Dec. 23, she said. That’s where Josh Bearden’s relatives reside.

Leanne and Josh Bearden were scheduled on Monday to go behind to Denver, where they had pursuit interviews lined up, Sculley said. They were renting their residence there by an organisation and were formulation to take it over in May, Sculley said.

Leanne Bearden was carrying some problems adjusting after a worldwide excursion, according to her sister-in-law.

“It was kind of a tough transition for her, so she’s carrying some stress about it, though zero that seemed like she was usually going to run off,” Sculley said.

The Beardens blogged during their outing around a universe during www.goexplore365.com. They met during a bar, got intent after 8 months of dating and were married during a Denver Zoo, according to a blog. Leanne Bearden has run 9 marathons, was in a rope before a outing and can do an Elmo impression, a blog says.

Leanne Bearden and her father were a usually people in a residence around 1 p.m. Friday when she pronounced she was going for a walk, Sculley said. Josh Bearden called military 4 hours after to news his mother had not returned, Sculley said.

Family members pronounced she did not take her cellphone or any electronic inclination and had $60 in money during most. She had her wallet with credit cards though has not used them, according to her husband, who has been checking. Leanne Bearden also had her marriage and rendezvous rings when she left, family members said.

More than 1,200 people have assimilated a Facebook group, Our Friend Leanne Hecht Bearden, combined Sunday to assistance widespread information about her. The page mentions that volunteers are organizing a search.

There now is no central law coercion search, Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O’Connor pronounced Monday. The organisation primarily conducted a dog hunt for a woman, though it now considers her “just missing” and to have left a area “of her possess giveaway will,” O’Connor pronounced Sunday.

Leanne Bearden is unknown with a area though is an adventurer, family members said. Josh Bearden’s relatives live nearby Bracken Cave, and family members consider she competence have harm herself hiking, climbing or walking by a woods.

She is 5-foot-2, weighs about 100 pounds and has brownish-red hair and brownish-red eyes. She has dual piercings on her left ear: one on a bottom and a tiny loop during a top. She was final seen wearing jeans and hiking shoes.

“The military have indeed been illusory and everything,” Sculley said. “They are doing all they can as distant as searches, and we’ve had a good escape from a community. … Every hour some-more people are asking, ‘Can we come out and help?’”

Staff author Drew Joseph contributed to this report

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Article source: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Family-Missing-woman-did-not-walk-away-5159834.php

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