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North Texas male suing Walmart; says he was tased, poorly arrested

March 22, 2014 Garland No Comments

A North Texas male is suing Walmart for $5 million after he says he was tased and poorly arrested after shopping thousands of dollars’ value of Walmart present cards.

The occurrence happened in a Garland Walmart in Sept. 2011, when Harold Burrowes bought $3,100 of a present cards to buy diesel fuel. Burrowes owns a wrecker service, and rather than arising credit cards, he uses Walmart present cards so drivers can buy diesel for draw trucks.

Surveillance video shows Burrowes with present cards during checkout. He says a assistant told him he could not buy present cards with a present card.

“I explained to her, ‘I’m not regulating present label to squeeze present card; we have my American Express,’” pronounced Burrowes.

In a video, a administrator walks in to a picture, revelation Burrowes a same thing. What Burrowes says can’t be heard, though he says he explained what he was doing.

“I trust they suspicion all of a justification points to a fact he was, they suspicion that Harold was regulating a stolen credit card,” pronounced Burrowes’ attorney, Ben Martin.

In a video, a administrator leaves and earnings with a military officer operative in a store by a association called Off-Duty Services. He stands behind Burrowes, and during one point, they sell words.

Burrowes deduction to buy a present cards with his American Express and walks away. That’s when he says a officer stopped him.

“He grabbed me on my shoulder,” pronounced Burrowes. “I said, ‘What is this for?’ He said, ‘You’re going to jail.’ we say, ‘For what?’ ‘For trespassing.’ we said, ‘How am we going to be trespassing? we know we don’t dedicate any crime,’ and he travel in front of me, use a four-letter word and pulled his taser and strike me in my chest.”

“Off-Duty believes that this occurrence occurred since of Mr. Burrowes’ conduct. After he finished a preference to arrest, Mr. Burrowes became assertive toward a officer, ensuing in a officer carrying to tase Mr. Burrowes to control a situation,” an profession for Off-Duty pronounced in a statement.

Burrowes was charged with unfinished control and facing arrest.

“He had no shortcoming whatsoever to stop for anybody during that store since he’d finished zero wrong,” pronounced Martin.

That facing catch assign was after dropped, and a district profession said, “There was a miss of justification display that there was a reason to catch or catch a suspect before to a offense of facing arrest.”

In an email, a Walmart orator said, “The reserve and contentment of a business and associates is always a tip priority. Officer Sciculuna was employed by an eccentric contractor, Off-Duty Services. We design a eccentric contractors to sojourn veteran in traffic with business during all times, and we bewail that a conditions with Mr. Burrowes escalated.”

Article source: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/25021401/north-texas-man-suing-walmart

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