download-8Currently, almost 250,000 residents (2015) are calling Lubbock home, but a little over a century ago, in 890, when the two towns of Monterey and Old Lubbock joined forces to established Lubbock (named after Thomas S. Lubbock, only 50 citizens were inhabiting the new city, while in 1960, there were almost 130,000 people living in the city, while currently, Lubbock is the 11th most populous city in Texas.

Lubbock was established on a flourishing farming industry and was very successful as well in the Texas cotton industry. Contemporary Lubbock is still continuing to produce a few million bales of high quality cotton every year, but the town is known for a lot more than just a farming city.

Lubbock has come a long way from comes from its humble beginnings with roaming buffalo and tall grasses when it got discovered by the Spanish and their infamous explorer Coronado. On his quest for the mythical ‘City of Gold’, Coronado initially named the piece of land where now sits Lubbock the ‘Llano Estacado’.

Lubbock became an official city in 1902, the same year that for the first time, a train rolled into the town from Plainview. In 1923, so only twenty-one years later, the citizens of Lubbock fought hard and won the bid to set up Texas Technological College, today’s Texas Tech University.

These days, Texas Tech University is bringing the energy and the vibe of a young and thriving college town to the friendly and welcoming city of Lubbock. Texas Tech, being a Big XII Conference member, provides great opportunities to attend the greatest U.S. teams compete in baseball, basketball, football, volleyball or some other interesting sport.

Besides being the home turf of Texas Tech, Lubbock is also famed for the musical acts that put the city on the map, such as Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly. Lubbock boasts a number of fine restaurants, interesting museums, a rich art scene and a well-developed culture venues and festivals, and the town is widely recognized for its hospitable, friendly atmosphere. When you visit Lubbock, you’ll be captured by all the excitement and conveniences the city offers, set in an atmosphere of charm of a friendly, small town feel and the neighborly affection and love of an old friend.

Lubbock is the seat of Lubbock County, and is located in Texas’ northwestern portions, in the southern High Plains. The city is industrial, financial, cultural, and economic center within the Lubbock metropolitan area, that has a population of more than 310,000 residents (2015).

ogallala-aquiferLubbock is nicknamed the ‘Hub City’, due to its educational, healthcare, and economic hub role that a multi-county region that stretches from south of the Texas Panhandle to north of the Permian Basin. The area around Lubbock is still the world’s the largest cotton-growing region, and depends for a large part on irrigation water from the Ogallala Aquifer.

In a CNNMoney survey, Lubbock was named the 12th best place in America to start up a small business. The study specifically mentioned Lubbock’s low commercial space rent, the city’s central location, its traditional small business atmosphere, as well as a very cooperative local government.

Lubbock High School, famed for its accomplishments, has for several years now. been recognized as among the best high schools in America by ‘Newsweek’, partly due to its highly respected ‘International Baccalaureate Program’.

The city of Lubbock as well as Lubbock County are boasting a phenomenal list of historical landmarks and sites. Check out the National Register of Historical Places to learn more.