7d188229860309f93b68459bdf10f502We already published a post on weird Texas town names a few weeks ago. In that post we told you a few things about: DIng Dong, Gun Barrel City, Knickerbocker, Latex, Nada, Noodle, Oatmeal, Raisin, Scissors, Smiley, Tarzan, Uncertain, and Who Thought About It. In this post we’ll tell you something about a few more towns with odd names. Have fun:

– Bacon: The town of Bacon is located in Wichita County. and within the city limits of Wichita Falls. Bacon is no longer an independent town, but the name may still run a little water down your mouth.

– Bangs: The town of Bangs is located in Brown County (west-central Texas), and has a population w of arround 1,600 (2015). The town was named after Samuel Bangs who received the land as appreciation for his contribution in the Texas Revolution. Bangs was incorporated in 1915 and is located along US Highway 67.

– Blackjack: This ghost town is located in Smith County in East Texas, just off FM 346, a little southeast of Tyler. By the end of the 1970’s, Blackjack had already become a ghost town with only a cemetery and the New Canaan Church to mark what remained of the community.

– Bobo: This town is found in Shelby County, some 35 miles northeast of Nacogdoches. The town was a stop on the East-West Texas railway, and was founded around  1885.Today, a church,a few few deserted houses, and two signs that state here once was a town, is all that’s left.

– Bootleg: This town in located in Deaf Smith County, in northwestern Texas, southwest of Amarillo, with some 3,900 residents. The name Bootleg (also referred to Bootleg Corner) is associated with two stories about its origin. One relates to Moonshine Sheep Camp, a campground for cowboys, where at one point in time a moonshine still was located. There’s also a story  about a ‘bootleg school’ (a school building that got moved around from time to time).

– Cool: The town of Cool is found in Parker County, and has a population of around 160. The town was incorporated in 1960, and is located on U.S. Highway 180, just over 10 miles west of Weatherford. Cool is not hot as in the period 1978 – 2015 the population had dropped to 160.

– Climax: The town of Climax is located in Collin County, between Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Around 1895 the town included a school, a church, a hotel, a store, and a post office. In 1901, though, the post office was closed again, and in the year 2000, the town counted 40 people, about the same number that it had over he preceding 80 years.

– Cut and Shoot: The city of Cut ‘n Shoot has a population of some 1.100, and is found in eastern Montgomery County, some six miles east of Conroe, around 40 miles north of Houston. The name ‘Cut and Shoot’ was reportedly chosen in 1912, when a small boy at a violent scene shouted ‘I will cut ’round the corner ‘n shoot them’.

– Hoop and Holler: This is a town in Liberty County, located some 20 miles southeast of Livingston and around 28 miles north of the city of Liberty. Not much is know about Hoop and Holler, except that it’s often named among odd Texas town names.

– Nameless: This is a ghost town located in Travis County, some 30 miles northwest of Austin. The town was settled in 1869, and when the residents found that the post office department didn’t want to accept their suggested names they said: ‘Let our post office be nameless and be damned!’. So a post office was established in 1880, it was called ‘Nameless’. The post office was closed again in 1890.

– Point Blank: This a town in San Jacinto County, right between Huntsville and Livingstone, north of Houston. The town has a population of almost 700, and was given the name of ‘Blanc Point’ by an early French settler. Later, the name was changed to Point Blank.

But we can find more strange names for Texas towns. Check out:
Beans, Bee Cave, Bluntzer, Bigfoot, Best, Bootleg, Bugtussle, Coyote Acres, Cat Spring, Dime Box, Goodnight, Earth, El Gato, Log Cabin, Humble, Happy, Hornbeak, Lovelady, Kermit,, Personville, Loco, Muleshoe, Spearman, Snook, Scurry, Telegraph, Telephone, Zipperlandville, Tool, or Whiteface.

More about these names in a next post.